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How hard is it to renew an expired license?

If you’re going to drive a car, you need a license. Likewise, if you’re going to offer professional services, handle dangerous materials, or even own a dog – you need a license. The same is true if you’re going to operate a swimming pool: you need a license.

According to Article 12, Section 333.12527 (1) of the Michigan Compiled Laws, “a public swimming pool shall not be operated without a license.” So, it’s a little surprising that the five “pools” at the Health and Fitness Center at WCC are listed in the State’s EGLE database as having expired licenses. The five pools include the lap pool, the swimming pool, and the three hot tubs in the locker rooms.

By law, the license on every public swimming pool expires on December 31 of the third year of issue, provided that the renewal fees are paid annually. Maintaining the operating license for a pool appears to be a simple matter of money. The law permits local health departments to collect an additional fee.

But paying a bill isn’t an extraordinary burden, especially when the bill involves a license to operate a public facility. The Chelsea Wellness Center and the Dexter Wellness Center both have extended their swimming pool licenses. Power Wellness, which operates the Health and Fitness Center at WCC is also the operator of the facilities in Chelsea and Dexter. It’s not like renewing a swimming pool license is a surprise.

To be fair, licenses for the pools at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University are also expired. There are also several municipal pools whose licenses are expired, but the majority of these are outdoor pools. Given that it’s February, these pools are obviously not in use, and it may not be a priority to get the pool relicensed.

Expired license is disrespectful to the taxpayers and facility subscribers

I don’t think an expired license on a swimming pool poses a health hazard or a life and safety risk. After all, renewal is not much more complicated than paying a fee. And I imagine the Washtenaw County Health Department probably does its own thing regarding the safety of any given swimming pool.

But unlike the pools that are still covered and not in use, the pools at the Health and Fitness Center at WCC are used every day. The Merri Lou Murray Recreation Center, the Ann Arbor Public Schools, even the Ypsilanti Community Schools have all managed to get their pools licensed on time. Renewing the license shows respect for the taxpayers who pay the bills for these facilities.

Come on.