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A tale of two campus COVID-19 updates

Looking at the COVID-19 updates on WCC’s website, you’ll find that the College posted nine updates in March, four in April and one in June. (Today is June 14. If you’re counting, that is 14 updates total and five in the last two and a half months.)

If you’re looking for a different take on how to do COVID-19 updates, visit Raritan Valley Community College’s website. The most recent message comes from RVCC president Michael McDonough- dated June 12. You can also click on a link to read his past messages. When you do, you’ll find that McDonough has been posting nearly daily updates to the RVCC community. As of today, there are 65 updates.

RVCC, in Branchburg, NJ, doesn’t yet know what its fall semester will look like. But it clearly has an engaged president who communicates consistently with the RVCC community. Beyond COVID-19 updates, McDonough also shares the challenges that RVCC is facing in terms of funding, staffing, its childcare center and more.

McDonough almost always recognizes staff members for the work they’re doing relative to re-opening, RVCC’s accreditation, or in partnership with other institutions. He also keeps the community aware of what’s happening in Trenton relative to funding and regulations.

RVCC’s campus isn’t conducting in-person classes, but it does operate an on-site COVID-19 testing facility. McDonough often reports how many people used the site for testing, and site hours – which are irregular. He’s clearly trying to keep the community connected to the campus.

Meanwhile, WCC’s administration has provided no meaningful engagement with the students since June 1, and said absolutely nothing in May. If you wonder what it would be like to have a president who’s fully engaged with the community, check out the RVCC website.

Photo Credit: Clay Junell , via Flickr